LogoTrue Colours is a Christian based group which meets each Wednesday and welcomes everyone who wants to discover their creativity and make new friends. A place to relax, be who you are, and find out new things about yourself and others. It is a place where you can think and share. It is a place where we recognise that each individual has gifts and skills, which when shared enrich the lives of others.

General Aims of Group

Below is a sample of some of the artwork created by the group.

  • To meet together, develop friendships and make new friends.
  • To have fun and enjoyment
  • To encourage creativity, skill, imagination and personal expression.
  • To celebrate the talents and achievements of disabled people; challenge stereotypical thinking and focus on ability rather than disability.
  • To encourage volunteers and supporters of the group to share in the ethos of True Colours

Format of the Day

10.00-10-20      Tea, coffee and welcome

10.20-10.45       Sharing time and looking at what’s in the news

10.45-12.00       Art, jewellery making, needlecraft, cookery.

12.00-12.45       Lunch

12.45-02.30       Singing/ Makaton