A Family Church following Jesus

Our vision is to be a family church following Jesus and our mission is to grow in worship, prayer, fellowship, discipleship and outreach through His Holy Spirit. In addition to the services and activities that the church is engaged with, the Elders plan for the church to move towards the vision through mission by the following 5 things:


We want to encourage more people to share their experiences of life with Jesus with the rest of the Church through life groups and church services that will enhance our worship. Worship is very important to us. Within the Family Service a number of young and not-so-young people help to lead us within worship. The church wants us to use the talents which God has given to us. A number of our young people are developing as talented musicians and are being nurtured to develop their gifts.


We meet at least weekly at church prayer meetings and through life groups to seek God in the future of the Church leadership that will see God direct our ways. Occasionally we meet at other times when specific and urgent prayer is required. If you have a specific matter that you would like the church to pray for, over 50 people can pray for your issue using our prayer chain (07807 578868).
Bring your prayers of thanks and requests to God each week!


We want to see the Holy Spirit in action through the church members loving one another so that the whole family is cared for, gifts are identified and used, and new leaders are appointed.


We want the whole church of every age to be actively involved in the life and growth of the church, whether it be through Sunday School, J.A.M, Covies, Life Groups (including Bible Study Group) or Family Church.


We want to continue our church involvement locally with activities such as Pebbles (parents and toddlers group), Messy Church, True Colours, Coffee Morning, and other and other areas where we can benefit our community.


We trust you will be encouraged by this vision and we trust we can count on your support as we seek to impact on our community of West Derby.
We need you to you to pray for God’s direction in all these activities…..

God needs you ….to pray!